• How much do additional WordPress sites cost, for the same school?
    Additional WordPress sites are free for the same school.
  • Why is the price $1 / student / year + GST?
    The per student price model is suitable for small schools.  And, with the maximum of $300 / year for primary schools, School Websites aims to remain competitive with WordPress.com professional hosting.


  • I am not the school technician, but I would like to create the School Websites website for the school.  Can I do so?
    No.  But the school technician can create the website, and can delegate administrator access to you.
    Please Contact School Websites if you are the developer of school websites, or if you are interested in other partnership options.
  • Where is the School Websites server located?
    The School Websites server is hosted with Rackspace in Sydney.
  • Can I export my school website, to host with another provider?
    Yes, of course.  The native WordPress export functionality is available.


  • Who wrote the software?
    School Websites uses Open Source software, including WordPress.  A range of programmers, individuals and small businesses have contributed indirectly to the School Websites service.  Please refer to the Little Systems Credit page.