Website Design

The School Websites practice is to use WordPress Core Themes, and then apply Increasing Customisation through the user-interface.

Core Themes

The following eight core themes are available to all schools on School Websites.  These free, reliable, Open Source themes have been developed by a generous community of graphic designers and programmers.

School technicians can then customise these themes; or delegate graphic design and consulting to a third-party.







Increasing Customisation

Customisation begins with the appearance tab on the the WordPress administration user-interface, including the advanced CSS customisation area.

Further additional customisation options are also available.

WordPress administration user-interface

The user-interface has an “Appearance” tab for school technicians (or third-parties authorised by school technicians).  Often, the header, background and some colours can be customised through the user-interface, without touching the CSS.  Some WordPress themes have greater integration with the user-interface than others.

Advanced CSS customisation area

The “Appearance” tab has the “Edit CSS” option for school technicians.  School technicians (or third-parties authorised by school technicians) can use this CSS customisation area.

Note that graphic designers with advanced CSS knowledge can make many significant customisations without ever needing to touch the underlying programming and/or structural code.

See also the Technician Wiki.

Additional customisation options

For professional customisation (such as to underlying programming and/or structural code), school technicians and/or authorised third-parties can implement Child Themes of the provided Core Themes, through the School Websites Module and Theme Development Environment.

Such changes are considered a final option because WordPress themes contain PHP code, and incorrect or malicious PHP code can create vulnerabilities and pose serious security problems for others on the WordPress network.

When the options have been exhausted, please Contact School Websites to discuss additional customisation options.